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And The Secret's Out

.. so here we go again. :)


When I had my adorable Alfonso, friends and family would ask, "When can we expect the next one?"

And since I had just survived a wretched, horrific 9-month pregnancy, my primary answer had always been, "Ask me again after 10 years."

That was 5 years ago.

Last week, I took another one of those over-the-counter tests and passed it. :)

I was excited and elated.

At first.

A few days later, I started feeling nauseated again. (No. No. No. No. NO!)

I hate memorizing the cracks in toilet bowls! Unintentionally!
If you guys only have any idea how many hours I've spent with my head half-way down the rim of any toilet bowl I had access to 5 years ago.. MYGAWDD.

Let's weigh pregnancy, shall we?


No need for belly-hiding clothes.
Excuse from painful stillettos.
Excuse from Annual Physical Exam X-ray.
Statement: I get to have unprotected sex. (HAHAHAHAHA.)
Statement: I am with the IN crowd; along the likes of J.Lo, Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman.


Morning sickness happens not just in the mornings.
Slow comprehension.
Mood swings.
Food. (It IS a CON during the first trimester! I swear! You pretty much throw up most of what you had.)

Hmmm.. I said it would take me 10 years before another pregnancy.. Oh well. At this time, words are easier to eat back than food.

Besides, I'm sure 9 months is worth the wait as it always is for a mom. :)


Posted by aubreybaby 14:10

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Congrats Aubs!!!

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OMG!!! WOW! Congratulations Aubs.... :))

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